The Wreck Of A 17th-Century Pirate Ship Reveals Its Incredible Treasures | IFLScience

The coast of England is no stranger to legends of shipwrecks, sea-faring feuds, and pirates. A few more of these tales have been brought to light thanks to a number of recent diving expeditions and some rather convenient weather. 

The Schiedam, a Dutch merchant ship that sunk in 1684, was first rediscovered in 1971 by divers near the coast of Cornwall in the south-west of the UK at a depth of 4 to 7 meters (13 to 22 feet). Now, even more of the ship’s story has been revealed after a series of storms in the area shifted the seabed, washing some of its cargo ashore. 

Among the new finds are a couple of rusted and heavily worn 17th-century hand grenades and some decorative marble. Previous dives at the site have revealed an arsenal-load of weapons around the shipwreck, including numerous iron canons and carriage wheels. In fact, a magnetometer survey in 1985 suggests that as many as 15 iron cannons may be buried under the sand.
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